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Tempted by The Sun is a blog dedicated to Shinto. In here we intend to share our posts on a variety of topics from myths to historical accounts, from simple daily practices to complex ancient rituals, from absorbing traditions to images of cozy shrines, from celebrations to anniversaries, and everything in-between as well! – – – Every now and then articles about Shintoist philosophy and analyses of its Scriptures shall be uploaded too. – – – The purpose of this blog is to spread the essence of a religion seldom taken into account nowadays (but nonetheless precious and valuable) and… as a manner of pledging a huge thank you to the Kami.

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What is Shinto though?

Shinto, literally “the way of the Divine”, is a religion mostly practiced in Japan where it originated in prehistory and where it’s still the dominating religion side by side with Buddhism. Shinto is a polytheistic and pantheistic faith whose dieties are known as “Kami”. Currently, as Christianity bleeds and Islam cannot grow much more than birth rates in Muslim countries allow to, Shinto and other religions based on nature are on the raise in the whole world.

What is Ume no Hana Shinto?

Ume no Hana Shinto, literally “Shinto of the plum flower”, is one of the countless currents of thought which make up Shinto since, just like any other religion, there are numerous branches of theology. – – – At the proper moment there shall be a post in which this particular sect will undergo a deep examination. – – – For the time being, this is simply the current which the creators of this blog abide by.

UNHS : Ume no Hana Shinto