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Blog official name : Tempted by the Sun, a tribute to the sun goddess Amaterasu-Omikami Who first led us to Shinto when wandering astray in the haze of general theism. Date : the blog was created on June 15th 2023. Location : the domain is stored in the Netherlands whereas the blog has its headquarters in Italy. Goals : our purpose it to propagate knowledge about Shinto and to have people think highly of the admirable persons who shaped this faith. Upcoming article : the upcoming article, scheduled for thursday 20th, will involve a profound analysis of Ko Shinto revealing extraordinary knowledge regarding contemporary Shinto’s most remote ancestor… Beyond Japan and beyond the ages, before history and before civilization.

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We are grateful for every click on our pages as ,hopefully, visitors will be for the content published on here by us. Being firm believers ourselves and having learnt from a variery of sources, we are more than pleased to grant you access to quality articles and add, sometimes, constructive criticism and/or philosophical speculation to the themes discussed within them.